Twenty One years

Twenty one years of Skin Health

Skin Science is celebrating Twenty One Years of Safe Medical Aesthetic Practice in the UK.



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skin science consultation

I will take a full medical history and lifestyle consultation. It's important to assess the medical side of your skin and make a diagnosis.

I also understand that emotional and social factors influence your decision to consider having a medical procedure - I understand it is not just purely cosmetic.

During the consultation, you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.
You will be advised of the possible side effects and complications relating to your chosen procedure.

New patients will be encouraged to take a two week "cooling off" period. This is best practice within this specialty and allows you to take time for yourself to decide if the recommended procedures are right for you.

Treatment will be planned and implemented accordingly, and I can help with a thorough programme to improve your skin health – and thus overall health!

At the consultation, your aftercare will also be discussed. A mobile telephone number will be given to you, should you have any questions or queries after the treatment. Aftercare is an important part of your care – I am always happy to see you for evaluation.

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