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Skin Science is celebrating Twenty One Years of Safe Medical Aesthetic Practice in the UK.



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A large study by an American university has found that minor cosmetic procedures lack risk of serious adverse events.

The study, by Northwestern University and published in the JAMA Dermatology Journal, is believed to be the first major study to analyse the number of adverse events among tens of thousands of cosmetic procedures performed across the US.

It found that fillers, neurotoxins, laser, and energy device procedures were exceedingly safe.

“The message for patients is that if you are thinking of getting one of these procedures, you are not indulging in something drastic or high risk,” said Professor Murad Alam, of the university’s Dermatology department. “The take home is these procedures are very safe and can be mixed and matched to give the individual a significant cosmetic benefit, rather than getting one big cosmetic procedure that might be risky.”

The research came from the results of 20,339 procedures conducted by 23 board-certified dermatologists at eight centres around the country over three months, and staggered across seasons.

Side effects such as bruising, redness, swelling and bumpiness or skin darkening were found to clear up on their own, and occurred in fewer than 1% of patients.

While fillers were found to have a slightly higher (though still extremely low) adverse rate than other procedures included in the study, the authors claim this to be expected, as fillers are slightly more invasive than other minor cosmetic treatments.



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