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Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are sterile gels that consist of stabilized non- animal based hyaluronic acid. The products are injected into the skin to restore elasticity of the skin and reduce irregularities of the skin's surface. They can be used for reconstruction of volumes lost by lipoatrophy.

Teosyal Light Filling Redensity

This is a concept between filling injections and mesotherapy, which redensifies your skin deep down. The therapeutic purposes of Teosyal are to modify the anatomy of aged skin, due to UV damage, and the restoration of skin hydration, amongst other therapeutic purposes.

Dermal Roller

This is a hand held device which consists of a roller (containing 192 micro-needles) and a handle which is used to treat a range of skin conditions. It is applied to the skin where it stimulates the body into producing collagen and elastin as a repair mechanism. This can help with fine lines, uneven skin, scar tissue.

The (Easy) TCA Peel

The TCA peel is a specific technique for skin renewal. It is ideal for treating and reducing UV skin damage. The suggested areas suitable for this treatment are: Face, neck and chest.

More procedures are available which can dramatically improve the skin. These can be discussed at the medical consultation.

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